Day Eight – 30 Days of Blogging

Day 8 – A moment you felt the most satisfied with your life.

The day I was most satisfied with my life was the day I quit my job to go back to uni for the second time. I absolutely hated that job, although it probably was a decision I should have put more thought in to…

The first time I went to university I just picked my subject based on what I was good at at school, plus I’d limited my choices a little bit after dropping chemistry in a little teenage strop with my teachers, I still maintain the whole argument wasn’t my fault and as an educator she really should have read her audience better, the ‘you’re definitely going to fail’ approach isn’t exactly motivation to probably at least 50% of your student, but that’s a different story for another time. So that shut the door on medicine for me. Anyway I can’t say my degree subject was a bad choice, I loved the subject, didn’t struggle, got a good degree, excellent job prospects. 

That’s where it went wrong. I had this excellent job that I absolutely hated, paid brilliantly, but I’d never exactly been the sit in an office all day type. I wanted something with a bit more  job satisfaction. So after they cut my team down and up-ed my workload ‘temporarily’, while they found a replacement for whoever had left, for the third time with no replacement for any of the three in sight, I applied to go back to university. 

I’d applied in January for September, had an interview in February and got offered a place starting in April. I hadn’t particularly expected to get in, so I hadn’t thought through the whole losing all my income, working part time jobs at incredibly unsociable hours, having to write essays and still attempting to be sociable. Still getting to walk into the office and hand in my notice, feeling as though I’d finally get to do the sort of job I wanted to do, and stop working in a job where frowning at your computer was somehow managed to be turned into a disciplinary offence, was a wonderful feeling. 

In my final year of this degree and it’s still a wonderful feeling. 


Day Seven – 30 Days of Blogging

Day 7 – Your favourite childhood toys.

Board Games. Or the Turtles action figures. 

I loved board games to the point were no one would play them with me ever because I’d always win. You know the way Monopoly goes on for hours and hours? Not when I play, I monopolize surprisingly quickly actually. I was constantly called a cheat for buying everything, I’m not convinced my fellow players quite understood the rules of the game, owning everything is the point! It’s Monopoly! Cluedo was my favourite, although I think the most fun part for everyone else was renaming all the characters and weapons, something we didn’t grow out of now it’s computerised and available to play for 50p a go in most bars, now it’s always ‘The Stud’ with the dildo, not the most creative of drunks I know, but as long as we’re happy right?

My slightly overwhelming competitive nature didn’t leave as I grew up and following a drunken, rainy camping trip I found myself once again banned from playing board games with my friends…

Day Fifteen – 30 Day Book Challenge

DAY 15. – A character who you can relate to the most.

The character I can relate to the most is Amelia O’Keefe from Jodi Picoult’s Handle with Care. It was interesting after both my mum and I had read this book I found I could relate to Amelia, the elder sister, and my mum found she could relate to Charlotte, the mother. Not that I’d ever tell my mum I felt I could relate to the sister in the book, she’d hate to think I’d ever felt like that. Now our situation wasn’t quite so extreme there was no wishing any children had never been born, in fact, far from it, I still have my suspicions my little brother is the favourite…not really my parents definitely love me equally more…

Anyway, throughout this story Amelia finds herself feeling overshadowed by her sister’s illness and all the extra attention she receives, she acts out in various ways needing some attention. Growing up this was pretty much exactly how I felt. While I understood my brother needed the extra attention at times, it didn’t take away from the fact that sometimes I needed it too. Amelia acted out in various ways some extreme, some not so extreme and at times she comes across as quite selfish considering what her parents are struggling with, but she is only a child after all. Like Amelia’s parents, mine thought I was wonderfully grown up and understanding and at times I’m sure I was, but there were times that I can guarantee I most certainly wasn’t. There were times that sometimes I thought they let him away with things they really shouldn’t have with the explanation that things just weren’t the same for him, I maintain to this day that they were. I’m convinced he was an evil genius of a child, playing the advantages well. 

The family dynamic in the book was similar, I’m sure, to any family in a situation were one child has a condition needing a whole bunch of attention. I could certainly see how my mum could relate to Charlotte, feeling as though she was battling the world for her child, I could see how the rest of my family fit into the different character roles too. This isn’t a book I’ve read recently, so I wouldn’t make any recommendations as to whether or not other people should read it (or expand all that much on the plot), what I will say though is I found it refreshing to read that some of the things I felt growing up were normal. I’m aware it’s a work of fiction, but there must have been some research into the reactions and feelings of families in those sorts of situations, and it was nice to know I wasn’t actually the selfish brat I sometimes felt I was being after all…

Day Six – 30 Days of Blogging

Day 6 – Your Zodiac sign and if you think it fits your personality.

So I’ll try and summarise Aries from, but for the full thing please see here.

Apparently aries see themselves as first, leaders, they like to kickstart things but don’t see them through. Well I can agree to a point, I do like to be in charge, but only because I hate that feeling of knowing you’re perfectly capable of doing something but you don’t have the authority to make the decision. It frustrates me, so I like to be at the top so I can make those decisions, not in a controlling way, I’m happy to lead a team and I trust them to complete their own jobs perfectly find, I don’t feel the need to butt in when tasks have been handed out, after all I know I’m not the only competent person around and doing everything isn’t effective, that’s where you lose your quality. The only part of this I disagree with is the not seeing things through bit. That is not me at all, I like the whole process, if I start something I want to finish it too, I want to watch it grow and see where it goes.

‘Aries – Impulsive, Competitive, Blunt, Forceful Opinions’. Impulsive yes, I like to think I’m a planner and I do plan things, but more often than not I’ll decide and want to do it right away. Like wanting to travel with job, it’s killing me that I have to plan it for a whole year, that I can’t just go and do it now I’ve made the decision. A Whole Year!! Competitive, I wouldn’t say overly so, my friends would beg to differ, I’m banned from Monopoly because I always win and Scotland Yard because I plan everyone’s moves when they’re not taking it serious enough. They really don’t though, I mean a dangerous criminal is on the loose! You can’t just take random trains and buses anywhere you please! You at least have to attempt to figure out where Mr. X is! Hmmm…blunt, sometimes, I’d hate to think that I’m blunt in a horrible way, although I have been told I do need to work on my sugar coating more than once. I just have a habit of saying things how I’d like them to be said to me, but obviously everyone’s different and it’s not always the right approach to have. I’m working on it. Forceful with my opinions, no I completely disagree here. I’m very opinionated, yes, but I never force my opinions on anyone. I’d hate to have someone preaching at me and let’s face it we’ve all been the wrong side of that one vegan friend who is absolutely disgusted you’d offer them one of your jelly sweets, after all how can you not know how many animals died for that one jelly sweet?! I’m not dissing vegans, just those ones that hate everyone else who isn’t one…

Party as hard as they work? Oh yes, two glasses of wine and I want to dance the night away! Social event, do I want to go? Do you really need to ask? I’d constantly be out if I could, you know those days where you just want to sit on the couch with your duvet and the hot beverage of your choice? I don’t, I never feel like doing that, I do do it just not very often and not because I want to, usually because I’m so worn out I’ve caught some sort of monstrous cold, not that I take the hint for long…

And finally playful and romantic in love. Isn’t everyone? You can’t really be logical in love can you? It’s supposed to be fun and romantic and silly and playful.

So it seems my sign does describe me to some extent, but these things are so vague they’re bound to be more hit than miss.


Day Fourteen – 30 Day Book Challenge

DAY 14. –  Book that made you cry.

Plenty of books have made me cry, more so than films. I become much more attached to the characters, depending on the details provided of course. I have a tendency to become attached to the bad guys, not the over the top evil ones, but the ones that could be potentially misunderstood. You know when you make up stories yourself about their troubled childhoods and are proud of them for turning out quite as well adjusted as they did, then you remember they’re not your characters and you can’t really make up those stories for them…A bit like Murtagh from the Inheritance Cycle, only his life is included in the books so you don’t have to make it up. I guess I get this fondness for the bad guys from my job, the majority of the time they’re lovely people but they’ve made bad choices because they’ve had to. Obviously this isn’t true all the time and I’m certainly not defending all of the world’s criminals but sometimes I just wonder what theit lives could have been like had they just been able to catch a break. Like a guy in work was telling me how he used to provoke the ‘screws’ before he was transferred from prison so they’d beat him up, because it was the closest he’d get to a hug in his life. How can you not feel for that? Bit of a tangent there…Basically without picking any one bad guy in particular I just really feel for them, maybe not always to tears but occasionally…

Jodi Picoult’s books usually have tear worthy sections, then there’s the classics like Sense and Sensibility, the girls and the men troubles, the men and their girl troubles! Harry Potter when J.K. Rowling decided to start killing everyone off. The way David Nicholls’ so bluntly kills off Emma in One Day, it was just so sudden and true to life. That is how it would actually happen, you would just stop thinking, you’re dead after all. That closeness to reality, the suddenness of it all, I did shed a tear or two. 

Basically books make me emotional and I’ll cry through the joy and sorrow right along with the characters if I want to!

Pointless Ramblings…

Why is it when you are most tired you can’t sleep at all? There’s mountains and mountains of research about sleep, I know I’ve had to read at least half of it, but none that I’ve come across says that tired people (minus sleep disorders) don’t sleep. Last night as I was watching someone sleep, it’s less creepy than it sounds it’s part of the job I’m paid to do (I’m aware that explanation did not make it sound any less creepy), I would happily have slept until Thursday, but as soon as I got in my bed this morning my brain decided the ceiling was the most interesting thing in the world and I must lie and watch it for hours. It’s pattern is inconsistent around the light fitting, I can’t work out how they’ve managed to make it do that.

Long days, they take over your life. Not that I mind really, I love my job/study, where else would you meet Pennywise, Superman, Bruce Lee and three Jesus’ (Jesuses?) all in one day? Incidentally Jesus, Jesus and Jesus really don’t like each other and aren’t very tolerant at all, until you point out that they’re Jesus and he’s a peaceful guy in his books, then they’re lovely. The conversations are amazing and I get to come home feeling all self satisfied…wait is narcissism catch-able?

The downside to constant long days is it’s killer effect on the lifestyle of a social butterfly. Lose more sleep or skip social events? There’s hardly even time for internet events! Sleep deprivation has caused me to forget what my original point was going to be…anyway some pointless ramblings better than nothing, or not, whatever I’m going to try sleep.

Day Five – 30 Days of Blogging

Day 5 – Your favourite comfort foods and why.

There’s a comfort food for every occasion isn’t there? Say if I’m dying of some self inflicted dehydration after a night on the town, there’s nothing quite like an orange lucozade and some reheated pizza that’s been sat patiently waiting in it’s box since the night before, because drunk me is ever so thoughtful.

Then there’s chocolate, because I’m a girl and chocolate has a magical ability to fix everything right? A little dose of happy in a delicious edible format, what’s not to love? Or I could blame my mum, she fed my sweet things for her entire pregnancy, I was born addicted to sweet things. My will power when someone offers me chocolate is none existent.  

Or really hot spicy foods, mostly just because I like the way they make mouth feel after you’ve eaten them. 


Day Thirteen – 30 Day Book Challenge

DAY 13. – A book that disappointed you.

The Fall of Lucifer by Wendy Alec. It gets excellent reviews, the old age tale of good versus evil, the downfall of one of the favourites! The plot is supposed to be brilliant once you get into it, therein lies the problem, actually getting into it, it’s just all too descriptive for my liking and in places the religious aspects are a bit much. I get that any book about the fall of Lucifer is going to have religious aspects to it, but I prefer them to be the unbiased kind, here they can come across a bit preachy. 

I have a bizarre fascination with the archangels and their stories, there’s potential there for a brilliant book to be written about them but I haven’t stumbled across it yet. I’m not one to be beaten by a book, generally I’ll struggle though and try give it a chance but I just couldn’t with this, it was like a punishment and I really, really wanted it to be amazing. Maybe even satisfy my archangel cravings for a while, but no, it was so descriptive in place I’d completely forgotten what the point was. 

Still it comes highly recommended, so I may try give it another go at some point, third time lucky and all that. First it’ll have to gather enough dust on my shelf that I forget how much it let me down. 

Day Four – 30 Days of Blogging

Day 4 – Your views on religion.

I was brought up Roman Catholic. It’s from my Dad’s side of the family, my Grandad was training to be a priest and then the war (World War Two) happened and he met my Nana, and well it’s clear what happens over the years that follow, but anyway my point is my Dad’s parents were quite religious, so are some of his siblings. My Dad himself not so much, although he must be to some extent my Mum converted shortly after I had my First Holy Communion. Personally I didn’t progress as far as Confirmation.

For me it all seemed like too many promises I wasn’t sure I wanted or would be able to keep. There were too many rules, like we had to go to church every week for two or three months, why? I thought you were able to worship anywhere, but apparently if the priest doesn’t see you do it it doesn’t count? I’m not convinced that’s how it works. 

I think having faith is nice, it gives people something to believe in, gets people through difficult times, it’s not necessarily a bad thing. I appreciate there are extremist that take things a bit far, but religion can hardly be blamed for that. If there were no religion there would still be extremists, you just wouldn’t be able to call them religious extremists anymore, they wouldn’t be able to kill in God’s name, but that wouldn’t stop them killing in the name of The Great and Powerful Potato for example. 

So I don’t believe in all the rules that go along with religion, like Jehovah’s Witnesses not being allowed blood transfusions, it’s just not logical, why would any God want that? There rules don’t fit anyway, you can’t do this and you can’t do that, but God is all forgiving so as long as you’re sorry for your sins you’ll be forgiven. Basically suicide is the only thing you can really really do wrong (I assume this doesn’t apply to all of the religions, I wouldn’t know it’s not a topic I know all that much about). Most of these rules can’t cause too much harm these days anyway, doctors have a duty of care to their patients, the law overrules religious texts, there are ways around these things. 

So basically my view on religion, let people believe. I don’t agree with people forcing religion down your throat, the same way I don’t like vegetarians and vegans that preach. I’m scientifically minded, so no I don’t believe in creationism and stuff like that, if science shows something to be true I’m going to believe it, but when it comes to God or Gods, no you can’t prove their existence but you can’t disprove it either. Besides forever is a very long time, it’s a risky game not believing…although saying that Lucifer was the Archangel of Music, so by that logic if you’ve heard music you’re going to Hell anyway, guess I’ll see you all there 😛

Day Twelve – 30 Day Book Challenge

DAY 12. – A book you wanted to read for a long time but still haven’t.

Since reading Wicked and Son of a Witch in 2007, I’ve wanted to read Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister, Cinderella from the point of view of one of the ugly stepsisters, but obviously not enough. It keeps ending up on the bottom of my to read pile without me meaning to put it there, it doesn’t normally take me almost six years to read a book … maybe this will be its year?